The EDUROAM word stands for EDUcational ROAMing, and is also used as a name of a global project that enables the user from an educational organization to connect to the Internet through the (in most cases WiFi) network infrastructure of participating organizations, using authorization credentials issued by user’s home organization. The user is thus enabled to ‚roam‘ among different organizations, possibly without the need to change anything in the configuration of his(her) device – similarly to roaming with a mobile phone.

These pages are to be prepared, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the basic informations about how you can connect:

  • the access requires use of personal authorization credentials issued by your home educational organization (school, university, etc.), that participates in the EDUROAM project.
    The credentials consist of password and so-called „identity“, composed of your login, followed by a „@domain“, where the „domain“ part is the internet domain of the organization that has assigned these credentials to your person.
  • the place you currently reside in must be covered by an EDUROAM infrastructure (typically the browsing for wireless networks in your computer must yield a network with ESSID „eduroam“).

To find out EDUROAM coverage as well as a list of organizations in the Czech Republic that participate in the EDUROAM project, please look at these pages.
The coverage of University of Defence infrastructure in the list of covered locations below the map is denoted with label „UNOB“.